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Szczupak amurski (Esox reichertii)

Dybowski,1869.  Rodzina; Szczupakowate Esocidae. Słodkowodna. Terra typica; Onon, Ingoda. Opis: D VI-VII/ 11-15;  A IV-V/ 11-14;  V II/ 9-8; P I/ 13; C I/17/I; squ. 130 -165 (zazwyczaj 145);  l.lat 48-65. l.tr 19/23, promieni skrzelowych 11 – 15 z jednej strony,  podzielona ilość zazwyczaj  5/8 albo 6/7, kręgów  63 – 67.  Stosunek długości głowy  do … read more »

Silurus soldatovi

Nikolskii & Soin, 1948. Classification: Order: Siluriformes; Family; Siluridae English Name: Northern sheatfish, Soldatov’s catfish. Environment: Demersal; non-migratory; freshwater. Climate / Range: Temperate; 5°C-25°C ; 54°N-44°N, 126°E-141°E Description: D 6; A 83-90, average 86.2; V 11-14, average 12.4;  P 12-13;  gill rakers 13- 16, average 14.9. In adults, length of the anterior mandibular barbels 5-8%,… read more »

Typhlobarbus nudiventris

Chu et Chen 1982.  English Name: Blind naked-belly barbel. Classification: Order: Cypriniformes;  Family: Cyprinidae. Environment: Demersal; freshwater. Climate: Subtropical. History: On April 23, 1976, a little fish was found 100 meters deep in underground water in Jianshui County, Yunnan Province when the local people were digging to find a new water source. This specimen was… read more »

Pristolepis fasciata

Bleeker,1851. Perciformes; Nanidae, Pristolepidinae. Demersal; patamodromus; freshwater;  pH range 7,0-?; dH range 10-? Climate tropical; 23° C – 28° C Description. D XIII-XVI/14-16; A III/8-9; P 15; V I/5; C 14; l.lat.21-24+7-8, l.tr.5/1/11, branchiostegal rays 6, pyloric caeca 2, vertebral formula 13+12=25. Body thick-set very deep compressed. Mouth small, narrow slightly protusible, upper jaw reaching… read more »

Haitej sculpin (Mesocottus haitej)

Genus Mesocottus. Gratzianow, 1907. One very strong sharp spine on the preopercle; three more spines below it. Two very weak longitudinal crests extending behind the eyes on the occiput; a smaller crest on the outer side of each of the above, excending in the pteroic region. A weak crest on the ossicle running across the… read more »