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Micronema moorei

Smith, 1945. Synonym: Kryptopterus moorei Classification: Order: Siluriformes; Family: Siluridae Environment: Benthopelagic; freshwater. Description: A  66-68; P i,13; V i, 7. Body elongate and compressed markedly convex behind head and slightly flat rearwards; head depressed; snout bluntly rounded; eyes small, covered with sebaceous membrane and located in forepart of head;  mouth  shallowly arc, both jaws… read more »

Pygocentrus nattereri

Kner, 1858.      Characiformes, Characidae,   Serrasalminae . Common Names: Red Belly Piranha,  Red Piranha, Red Bellied Piranha. Environment: Pelagic; freshwater; Description: D 16-18; A 28-32; l.lat. 85-100; 24-31 scutes in ventral keel. Gill rakers of the outer branchial arch elongate, hooklike. The number of gill rakers posteriorly on the first arch (total 8-15 in Pygocentrus)…. read more »

Horaglanis alikunhii

Subhash Babu & Nayar, 2004. Siluriformes . Clariidae. Environment: Demersal; freshwater. Description: D 24; A 17; P highly vestigal; V 6; C 30. Body elongate, eel-like, head is elongated. Barbels four pairs, eyes completely absent. Gill membranes united at the anterior end near the lower jaw. Dorsal fin long, with 24 rays arising in advance… read more »

Schistura sijuensis

Menon, 1987. Cypriniformes. Balitoridae. Nemacheilinae. Environment: Benthopelagic; freshwater. Description: D ii 8; A ii 5; P i 11; V i 7. Body fairly stout, its depth 5 to 6.6 times in standard length. Eyes small, not visible from underside of head. Nostrils close to each other; anterior nostrils tubular.  Mouth semicircular; lips fleshy and poorly… read more »

Uegitglanis zammaranoi

Gianferrari, 1923. Siluriformes. Clariidae. Environment. Demersal; freshwater. Climate / Range. Tropical; 10°N – 0°N Description. D.55; A.42; P.1/8; V.6; C. 18. Branchiostegal rays 9.  Gill rakers on first arch 10. Vertebrae 62. Gill membranes free from isthmus. The body is elongated and scaleless with dorsal and anal fins long reaching almost caudal fin. Head greatly… read more »