Schistura sijuensis

Menon, 1987. Cypriniformes. Balitoridae. Nemacheilinae.

Environment: Benthopelagic; freshwater.

Description: D ii 8; A ii 5; P i 11; V i 7. Body fairly stout, its depth 5 to 6.6 times in standard length. Eyes small, not visible from underside of head. Nostrils close to each other; anterior nostrils tubular.  Mouth semicircular; lips fleshy and poorly furrowed, lower lip interrupted in middle. Barbels well-developed. Dorsal fin inserted slightly nearer base of caudal fin than to snout-tip. Caudal fin forked. Scales small and imbricate, more prominent in posterior part of body, absent on ventral surface; lateral line complete. Standard length 51 mm (SL).

Colouration: Pigmentation variable, in alcohol, body marked with eight to ten short light grey (in live brown) bands across back, the bands break up into secondary bands below lateral line;upper surface of head marked with a few spots; a short grey band  at base of caudal fin. Caudal fin with two V-shaped bands.

Distribution: Asia; Siju Cave (ca. 25°25’N, 90°30’E), Garo Hills in Meghalaya, India.

Habitat/Habit: Found only in caves, bottom dweller, omnivorous.

Reproduction: Fertilization external, nonguarders, open water, substratum egg scatterers.