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Suplement CXXV

Epler, P., and K. Bieniarz. 1989. Gonad maturation and hormonal stimulation of spawning in wels (Silurus glanis L.). Pol. Arch. Hydrobiol. 36 (36), 417-429 4. SUMMARY The development of gonads in wels of known age, reared in ponds, was investigated. It was shown that in the 1st year of life wels gonads remained undifferentiated, whereas… czytaj dalej »

Suplement CXXIV

Kokurewicz, B. 1970. The effect of temperature on embryonic development of Tinca tinca (L.) and Rutilus rutilus (L.). Zool. Pol, 20, 317-337. SUMMARY 1. Incubation of tench was conducted at 8.5°C-30.2°C. The hatchings were obtained at temperatures ranging from 14.5°C to 30.2°C. Incubation of roach was performed at 7.5°C-26.2°C with hatchings obtained at 7.5°C-23.9°C. 2…. czytaj dalej »

Suplement CXXIII

Ciepielewski W. 1981. Population of pike (Esox lucius L.) in pond type lake Warniak in 1969-1978.  Ekol. pol. 29: 35-51. 6. SUMMARY In 1969-1978 observations were carried on pike population intensively exploited in the shallow Lake Warniak of natural pond type. Special seine net was constructed. The catches were made three times in autumn of… czytaj dalej »

Suplement CXXII

PREJS A. & H. JACKOWSKA. 1978. Lake macrophytes as the food of roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) and rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus L). I. Species composition and dominance relations in the lake and food. Ekologia Polska, 26(3): 429-438. 4. SUMMARY The significance of submerged macrophytes in the food of different size classes of roach and rudd from… czytaj dalej »

Suplement CXXI

Penczak, T., Zalewski, M. 1974. Distribution of fish number and biomass in barbel region of the river and the adjoining old river-beds. Ekol. Pol. 22, 107-119. 6. SUMMARY The material for research has been obtained using an electric fishing gear with a fully wave rectified current and also load-in-net and guiding-barier nets, with which the… czytaj dalej »